Bulk & Baled Mulch

Hacker Services LLC carries a variety of high quality mulch options, including color-enhanced mulch, natural mulches and more. (See descriptions and photos below.) Our experienced staff can help you select the right mulch for your landscaping project. You are invited to visit our Northville, MI, yard to view our mulch products.

  • Fresh, new products each season
  • Double-grinding ensures a consistent look and makes our mulch easy to spread
  • Most are made in Michigan (some on site)
  • Premium imports from Florida, Georgia, Idaho and Canada
  • For residential and commercial projects
Premium Hardwood Mulch

Extend the color-life of your mulch by occasionally rotating or turning it in your beds.

We also offer premium custom-blended garden soil, peat and compost

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Ultra & Premium Hardwood Mulch

This high quality multi-purpose mulch decays quickly. This allows it to enrich your soil, nourish new trees and shrubs, and extend the growing season for better plant establishment. Hardwood mulch is the perfect building block for building up your own rich, black topsoil. Because it generates more heat through the accelerated decay rate, you need to use caution when spreading it around herbs, vegetables and annuals.

Ultra Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch Premium Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

Texture: 2" long shreds and smaller fines
Decay Rate: 45 to 65% annually
Color: Coffee brown
Color Life: 4-6 weeks

Michigan 100% Cedar Mulch

Cedar from Michigan is an excellent all-purpose bark mulch. It has a shreddy texture to keep it positioned on sloping landscapes. It repels many insects, and decays at a very moderate rate. While the initial color fades in a few weeks, the silvery beige it becomes is very natural and soothing in appearance. Many items marketed as "Cedar Mulch" are actually 10% or less of cedar! We certify ours as 100% cedar.

Cedar Mulch

Texture: 2"-4" long shreds
Decay Rate: 20-25% annually
Color: Golden blonde
Color Life: 6-8 weeks

Color-Enhanced Mulch

When appearance is your priority, our Color-Enhanced Mulches are your best choice. The pigments (mostly iron oxides and carbon) originate from the soil and are earth friendly. We dye them here on site with blend of clean recycled pallet chips and millchips to absorb plenty of color. Magnets on the machines remove the metal and nails.

This product is our best seller and is known for long-lasting color. The final drying occurs in your landscape in the sun…so NEVER spread dyed mulch in the rain or just before it rains! Also no sprinklers for 24 hours. You are going to love how your landscape looks!

red dyed mulch gold dyed mulch black dyed mulch brown dyed mulch
blue dyed mulch
Great for playgrounds, landscape accents and more!

Texture: 2"-3" long chipped pieces
Decay Rate: 25% annually
Color: Brick, cinnamon, espresso, mocha, "Hacker Blue"
Color Life: Up to 2 years
Weight per cu yd: 600 lbs

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Playground Mulch (Not Certified)

Double-ground wood material to provide a safe play area and help cushion falls and provide a safe, nonslip surface. Also good for pathways.

Playground Mulch

Decay Rate: 25% annually
Color: Dark blonde
Color Life: Up to 2 years

Wood Chips

Coarse, single-ground economical wood chips. Ideal for pathways, ground cover (where grass or plants won't grow), erosion control, and more. Long lasting, compacts well yet promotes drainage, keeps weeds down.

Woodchip Mulch

Decay Rate: 25% annually
Color: Natural wood
Color Life: Up to 2 years

Earth Blend

Our 50/50 mix of premium hardwood mulch and compost. Great for both established gardens and for starting new beds. Adds organic matter and soil nutrients, promotes drainage, and helps retain moisture while keeping weeds down.

Earth Blend Mulch

Texture: 2" long shreds, with smaller fine particles and soil
Decay Rate: 65% annually
Color: Coffee brown
Color Life: 4-6 weeks

How Much Do You Need?

Premium Hardwood Mulch

1 cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 square feet (10'x10') when spread the recommended 3-4" thick.


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Tubgrinding mulch

Pickup & Delivery Information

Pickup at our Northville Yard

We are happy to load your pickup truck or trailer. Minimum load is 1/2 a cubic yard.

Sorry, no hand shoveling or hand bagging of bulk material.

Seasonal Yard Hours:
M-F 8 am - 6 pm
Sat 8 am - 3 pm
Sunday Closed

Delivery to Metro Detroit:

Competitive Delivery Rates
Call for a quote to your location*

  • Bulk Mulch: 1 - 75 cu yds per trip
  • Large Bales: 1 - 8 per trip
  • Small Bales: 20 - 60 per trip
  • Garden Soil: 1 - 50 cu yds per trip

Call 248-348-3150 to schedule delivery.

*One address per delivery. Customer disposes of any packaging material.

pallet recycling michigan

Wood Waste Recycling

We turn your organic waste into mulch and compost. Low dump fees.

We accept clean scrap wood including:

  • Clean Wood Chips
  • Clean Logs & Wood (5" diam. + up)
  • Brush
  • Pallets
  • Construction Lumber

Not accepted:

  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Painted Wood
  • Cardboard or Paper
  • Non-Wood Items (Plastic, Metal, Glass, Tires, Concrete, Asphalt, etc)
  • Garbage

Drop off wood waste during seasonal Yard Hours:
M-F 8 am - 6 pm
Sat 8 am - 3 pm
Sunday Closed

Pickup available – minimum load applies, additional fees apply

We also accept:

  • Topsoil
  • Sand
  • Fill Dirt and Ditching Dirt

Trucking & Hauling Services

Need something hauled?

  • Licensed & Insured
  • Capacity up to 50 tons
  • Serving all of Southeast Michigan
  • Same-day, door-to-door delivery

Call 248-348-3150 to schedule trucking service or for more info