NOTICE: After 78 years in the firewood business we have been forced to close this division of our company due to labor and supply issues. We appreciate all of your business from our valued customers and we wish you well. We will miss your annual phone calls and conversations.

- The Hacker Family


A mix of maple, oak, ash, beach, locust, elm and ironwood. General good, long-burning woods.

Hardwood Firewood


Often mistaken for softwood, birch is a hardwood. With its paper-like bark it is generally easier to get a fire started. It burns with a little more flame and color and produces a long-lasting fire. Call for availability.

Birch Firewood


This mix of apple, walnut and cherry gives you a nice colorful flame and a long-lasting fire. It also sends a sweet smell throughout the neighborhood.

Fruitwood Firewood


Hickory is most popular for restaurants and home chefs for the intense flavor it adds during cooking and smoking. It can be harder to get started but produces a good long-burning fire with a little snap, crackle and pop!

Hickory Firewood
firewood piles

Pickup & Delivery Information

Pickup at our Northville Yard

Fill your trunk, pickup truck or trailer. Minimum load is 1/4 face cord. (Loading assistance available, inquire for cost.)

Seasonal Yard Hours:
M-F 8 am - 6 pm
Sat 8 am - 3 pm
Sunday Closed

Delivery to Metro Detroit:

Competitive Delivery Rates
Call for a quote to your location*

Minimum delivery is 1 face cord. Firewood delivery is available late March through mid January, while supplies last. Please contact us for specific dates.

Call 248-348-3150 to schedule delivery.

*One address per delivery.

How Much Firewood Do You Need?

The standard firewood unit we sell is a face cord (4' high x 8' wide x 16" length split logs). We sell quarter, half or full face cords.

For occasional fireplace burning, one face cord may be sufficient to last one Southeast Michigan winter (October-March).

If you use firewood to heat your home, or to supplement a fossil fuel heating system, depending on the insulation in your home, 3-6 face cords may be required. One full cord (4'x8'x4') equals about 3 face cords. You may need to schedule multiple deliveries throughout the season if you don't have storage space for your needs.

Contact us for firewood delivery dates so you don't run short in our off-season.